Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Targeted by Turkish Hackers

Former Milwaukee County sheriff and rabid Trump supporter, David Clarke Jr. is the latest public figure to have his Twitter account hacked by the Turkish hacker group,  Ayyıldız Tim.


“Your account is hacked by the Turkish cyber army AYYILDIZ TIM! Your DM correspondence has been captured and interesting information has been reached! Turks are everywhere!” read the since-deleted tweet, which also contained the image of a Turkish flag.

The background photo for Clarke’s account and his bio were both briefly changed to include the hacker group’s identifiers, which were subsequently removed.

Others who have found their accounts targeted by the group are also personalities known from Fox News: Eric Bolling, Greta Van Susteren, and Brit Hume.

The hacking effort comes as Clarke faces a federal trial over allegations he used the official Sheriff’s Facebook page to retaliate against an individual who had filed a complaint against him.

Basically, he bullied the guy.

As of now, there’s no known motive for the hacking. It may have something to do with Clarke’s heightened profile, due to his sucking up to President Trump and his appearances on Fox News, especially considering the targets from the most recent past.

Whatever the case, the account was only down for a couple of hours, and they couldn’t say anything dumber than what Clarke says on his own.


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