Did He or Didn't He? Trump Denies the Sh*thole Comment, but This Senator Says Not So Fast (VIDEO)

So, sh*tholes, and the politicians that talk about them…

President Tweety was up and into his “Executive time,” bright and early. He had enough time to watch “Fox & Friends” and then give a [sort of] denial that he’d referred to any nations as “sh*tholes.”

“Tough” language?

The language used has been confirmed by multiple sources from the meeting. The White House did not deny what was said at any time on Thursday, but rather, sought to justify the comments.

Today, Senator Dick Durbin, who was present in the meeting, confirmed the language used.

And yes, I understand Durbin is a Democrat. I get that we’re supposed to reject anything they say and if they say racially hateful things are bad, we’re supposed to say they’re good.

That’s the partisan ignorance I so gladly walked away from when the GOP lost its soul.

No, not all Republicans (or Democrats, for that matter) are so hopelessly chained to their party talking points, but in this age of cancerous Trumpism, we’re seeing even formerly rational people lose all principle and integrity.

In a statement this morning, Senator Durbin stated that Trump didn’t just make a single hateful comment, but that he said those things repeatedly.

Yes, Durbin went into some ridiculous territory, when he suggested that the term, “chain migration” was offensive to African Americans, because many of their ancestors came here in chains.

Typical Democrat overreach.

Typical and dumb.

Just the mention of the word, “chain” does not cause African Americans to suffer PTSD.

To the main point, however, Durbin is not wrong. Trump’s words were hateful, and we shouldn’t be making excuses for him. Rather, now is the time for all good people to say that enough is enough!

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