After the Verdict, the Defense for Jose Zarate May Have Pushed ALL the Wrong Buttons (VIDEO)

The long-awaited verdict in the Kate Steinle case came down on Thursday, and to say people are upset would be an understatement of epic proportions.

Unfortunately, the 5-times deported illegal immigrant, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate will not suffer the penalty for Steinle’s death that many feel he deserves.


What I’m seeing is the emotional argument by many who are screaming that San Francisco’s liberal, “sanctuary city” vibe has released a hardened criminal on the public, allowing a killer to go free.

I get being emotional. Zarate had been deported 5 times, and was taking advantage of San Francisco’s sanctuary city status to thumb his nose at our nation’s sovereignty.

Also, the idea that a U.S. city would so blatantly disregard our nation’s laws is infuriating.

We’re going to be treated to weeks of social media outrage, but as our Sarah Rumpf pointed out last night, and as our legal eagle, Patterico further expounded on, the law has boundaries to work within, so if you’re going to be upset, be sure to include what appears to be an over-zealous prosecution in your outrage chambers.

And if you want to be upset, be upset. I’m upset, even after reading Sarah and Patterico’s fine work (which I recommend you do, as well). A young woman is dead. A family is devastated. And even if the prosecution had done everything right, nothing was going to bring her back.

What is probably not going to help quell tensions is the defense attorney, Matt Gonzalez, who spoke to the press after the verdict, and decided to twist the political knife, a bit.


Gonzalez specifically pointed to the people criticizing the verdict, including the U.S. attorney general, the president, and the vice president, pointing out that they, themselves, were being investigated by special counsel, and could one day need to avail themselves of the presumption of innocence.


I can just about guess what the reaction will be in some circles.

It was a tough one, but the law is the law.

Moving forward, pray for the peace of the Steinles, as they work to put this horrible time behind them, and then turn your focus on lawmakers that allow sanctuary cities to make their own rules.



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