If He Wins, Should Roy Moore Be Expelled From the Senate? Ask Ted Cruz (Video)

Respect the will of the voter.

That’s the word from Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Cruz was asked to weigh in on the controversial Alabama Senate race, and specifically, if Republican candidate Roy Moore wins, should he be expelled and refused a seat, given that he would be carrying the baggage of multiple accusations of sexual misconduct with teen girls.


“Of course not,” Cruz said when asked on Fox News’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” if Moore should be thrown out of the Senate if he wins the Dec. 12 special election. “We’ve got to respect the will of the voters.”

And that’s one argument I’ve heard in favor of Moore. If the people know and don’t care, shouldn’t their vote matter?

“If the voters of Alabama choose to elect him, for some Washington politicians to say that we don’t care what the voters say, I think that would be a mistake,” Cruz added.

Yep. I’ve heard that, too.

While I would normally agree, I also respect the systems put in place to protect our government from falling under control of unqualified or otherwise corrupt individuals.

Kind of like the system that should have worked on the RNC convention floor in Cleveland, a year ago, but Reince Priebus and others at the top worked hard to thwart it.

Cruz should know a bit about that.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, as well as a number of Senate Republicans have all called for Moore to step aside.

Cruz, himself, initially endorsed Moore, but after the allegations became public, he withdrew his support.


“This is an issue that the voters have in front of them and they’ll make a decision. I think we need to respect the will of the voters,” Cruz said Thursday.

Was Cruz playing it safe, here?

Moore currently seems to have the edge in polls over his Democrat opponent, Doug Jones. We’ll know on December 12 how the citizens of Alabama really feel about the charges made against Moore.


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