Former Fox News Personality Questions Trump's Hypocrisy Over Al Franken

The hypocrisy is astounding, actually.

Are you outraged by the Roy Moore accusations? Are you more outraged by the revelations about Senator Al Franken and his grabby behavior? Allegations against Bob Menendez? Harvey Weinstein? Brett Ratner, Kevin Spacey, and what is turning into an avalanche of skeevy behavior by men (mostly liberal men, it seems) in power?


Then where were you on all the women who stepped forward to accuse Donald Trump, buoyed by his own words on the Access Hollywood tape from 2005?

If you’re disgusted by everything else, but still making excuses for Trump, you need to check yourself.

And speaking of personal inventory and hypocrisy, how did Trump respond to the news of Al Franken, yesterday?

Well, of course he tweeted out something really dumb and lacking in self-awareness.

Yeah. Not that he’s wrong, but he’s not the one that needs to be delivering that message. Over a dozen women came forward to report inappropriate contact or behavior by Trump in October 2016, not that Trump supporters cared, back then.

What a difference a year makes, I suppose.

One who hasn’t forgot, and couldn’t believe the gall of Donald Trump opening his mouth (or his Twitter feed) to say a thing about anybody else was former Fox News personality, Gretchen Carlson.


Carlson left Fox News in 2016, and was the first to break the silence about the misconduct of Roger Ailes, former Fox CEO, ousted after a rash of sexual harassment claims.

Carlson shot back at Trump’s tweets:

Yes. What about them?

Most of the accusers have faded back into the woodwork, but at least one, Summer Zervos, is suing Trump for defamation, and wants the release of all the paperwork detailing the harassment and sexual assault claims against him.

Carlson made her point.

What is it about 2017 that makes past bad acts more egregious than they were in 2016?


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