Senate Judiciary to Kushner: We Know About Your Pre-Election Communication with Wikileaks (So Hand It Over)

The Senate Judiciary Committee, led by Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and ranking member Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), has a bone to pick with White House senior adviser Jared Kushner.


Namely, as they disclosed today, an email Kushner received, in regards to Wikileaks several months before the 2016 election.

Grassley and Feinstein have requested additional documents from Kushner’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, about the September 2016 letter, which Kushner received and passed on to an official with the Trump campaign.

From the letter sent:

“For example, other parties have produced September 2016 email communications to Mr. Kushner concerning WikiLeaks, which Мr. Kushner then forwarded to another campaign official,” the letter reads.

It also states that other documents have shown that Kushner passed along correspondence about a “Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite.”

“And still others have produced communications with Sergei Millian, copied to Mr. Kushner. Again, these do not appear in Mr. Kushner’s production despite being responsive to the second request,” the letter says.

In other words, Kushner, who was forced to refile his security clearance paperwork at least three times, due to omitting necessary details, is forgetting things, again.


He’s mighty young to have his memory go bad.

The letter goes on to say those forms provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee by Kushner were “incomplete,” and it gives a November 27 deadline to rectify the situation.

The lawmakers asked Lowell to provide the committee with transcripts of Kushner’s interviews with the Senate and House Intelligence Committees, noting they do not have access to these specific interviews.

They’ve also asked Lowell to submit documents previously requested that relate to specific individuals in the Russia investigation.

“It appears that your search may have overlooked several documents,” the letter says.

Crazy how that happens with Kushner. He may want to get that checked out, you know, before he heads off to bring peace to the Middle East and such.

The letter also asked Lowell to include any correspondence with former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, himself up to his eyeballs in hot water with this ongoing Russia probe.

And not just Flynn, but also, communications to or from Flynn that include terms like Clinton, Gazprom, Wikileaks, Turkey, Ukraine, or Guccifer.


Gee… I wonder what they’re looking for?

Apparently, Lowell tried to flex a bit of legal muscle, and claimed certain communications that may be linked to Kushner’s security clearance were “confidential.”

Yeah. No.

“Moreover, with regard to your claim that the documents are confidential, while the Privacy Act limits the government’s authority to release the information provided to it, there is no restriction on your client’s ability to provide that information to Congress,” the senators write.

In other words, less chit-chat, more getting the danged documents we asked for!

I can only imagine that if the Senate Judiciary is scrutinizing these communications, Robert Mueller’s team has already dug into it, deep.






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