This August Video May Have Been a Foreshadow of Events to Come in Russia Probe

This will be a long weekend for somebody, as speculation over the sealed indictment is rampant across social media and on every news talk show.

What we do know about the sealed indictment coming out of Robert Mueller’s investigation is that somebody will be taken into custody on Monday. This is a move that likely signals that rather than winding down, as some had hoped, the wheels are just picking up speed and this will go into 2018.


Whatever the case, everything now is just speculation, although if you’ve been following the probe closely, you can make some educated guesses.

I don’t know who runs the YouTube channel, 1oneclone, or how closely they’ve followed, but back in August they released a video montage of what may prove to be prophetic.


It’s all in fun, folks.

Besides, everybody knows it’s going to be Paul Manafort.


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