Halloween Already? Pokemon Character Attempts to Jump the White House Fence

Well… it is almost Halloween. Maybe he was getting an early start.

Then again, what if the Pokemon character, Pikachu, really did try to scale the White House fence, last Tuesday?


Nope. Just some nut.

CNN reported that Curtis Combs, 36, of Kentucky is accused of trying to climb the White House fence on the southern side of the building while dressed as Pikachu from the video game and TV series.

Combs, who told officers he was unarmed before climbing, ignored orders from police and stated warning signs urging him to stop climbing before he was arrested.

His plan was to catch video of the event and get himself a few clicks for his ego bank on YouTube. The Secret Service were on him before he could even get his phone out.

President Trump was doing radio broadcasts nearby, in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

Combs has plead not guilty to one charge of unlawful entry. His court date is set for Nov. 9. After his arrest, he told officers that he plans to return to the White House for a tour with his son once he is released.

He’s a 36 year old man dressing like Pikachu, climbing the White House fence, even as police officers are telling him to stop, and did it all for a YouTube video.

I don’t know if I’m more flabbergasted that he thinks he can just return for a tour or that somebody had a kid with this guy.


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