FCC Commissioner to Trump: First Amendment, Baby! Learn to Love it!

Sit down and shut it, you mentally deranged, wannabe-dictator!

Ok. Nobody said that (out loud), but that’s the gist of the message from the FCC, in response to Donald Trump’s petulant little Twitter grumblings, regarding revoking the license of NBC.


I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump fantasizes about exerting total rule over an America full of doting toadies.

I also have no doubt in my mind that he wakes up at 3am to the reality of a Constitution that blocks his hand, so he’s forced to vent on social media, appealing only to those who are desperately seeking to be subjugated.

Don’t scoff. Those people are out there. They’re the ones that anytime anyone brings up something about Trump, or even gives the slightest shade of question to his status as the new messiah, they rush to defend him, or at least launch immediately into the whataboutisms.

“Yeah, but Hillary…”

Hillary’s not in power, so she’s not a threat, you spineless muffin!

Anyway, back to Trump’s impotent cries for censorship and a state-run media (other than Fox News).

Speaking on CNN today, FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel put a stop to that nonsense.

“I think it’s essential that the FCC and all that it does is careful to abide by the First Amendment when it engages in any kind of policies involving broadcast licensees,” she said.

So what about Trump’s constant whining about media being mean to him? Does that have any teeth, or should the mewling man-baby need to be put back in his playpen?

“I think it’s important to realize that the Supreme Court characterizes our First Amendment as a profound national commitment to having robust, uninhibited and wide open debate and you know, that debate can sometimes be hard hitting for public officials,” she said.

“But it is absolutely essential that we support the first amendment and everything that the FCC does.”


So, playpen it is.

And just to assure that the message isn’t lost, she further suggested that other commissioners need to speak up.

“I think it’s important for all the commissioners to make clear that they support the First Amendment,” she said.

“And that the agency will not revoke a broadcast license simply because the president is dissatisfied with the licensees coverage.”

In other words, for the barking seals and bobbleheaded cheerleaders for the Trumpidian way, you’re not going to get that despotic wonderland you dream of. You’re just going to have to do what normal people do and turn the channel if you don’t like the coverage.

First Amendment, baby.




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