Even Breitbart Hates Trump's New Tax Plan

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Oh, my!

Trump propaganda arm, Breitbart News, is taking a swipe at the president’s new tax reform plan.

The sticking point seems to be that Trump pimped the plan to his base, but just like with Trump University marks students, found it wasn’t what it was advertised to be.


In an article Thursday morning, the news site chaired by former Trump aide Steve Bannon ripped the GOP’s framework for tax reform, and argued that Trump pitched the plan to truck drivers “who may see little or no direct benefit” on Wednesday night.

“There’s very little in the framework, moreover, that would directly benefit most truckers,” Breitbart’s John Carney wrote, saying that Trump’s plan would raise taxes for a family making the median income for truck drivers by about $200 a year.


Trump spoke to a group of truck drivers in Pennsylvania Wednesday, billing his snake oil as “rocket fuel” for the economy.

Breitbart characterized it as something completely different, however, pointing out that the plan reduces some of the exemptions available for middle class families.

“In other words, under the Trump plan more of a family’s income would be subject to income tax than under current law. So even if their rates fall, they could still wind up paying more in taxes,” Carney argues.

That flies in the face of the Trump administration’s own estimates. On Wednesday, Trump told truckers that the average family would save about $4,000 under his tax plan.

“My Council of Economic Advisors estimates that this change, along with a lower rate, would likely give the typical American household a $4,000 pay raise,” Trump said.


Is it any wonder the man has filed for bankruptcy five times?

In all fairness, I doubt Trump has spent any real amount of time even looking at the plan. However, that even his most ardent defenders are crying “Foul!” over this should be enough to get him to give it more attention than just lip-service.



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