Bounced White House Aide Predicts Some High Level Heads Will Roll Before Christmas

Ousted White House aide, Seb Gorka, has pulled out his crystal ball and is making some predictions about the makeup of the Trump administration.

It actually sounds a lot like sour grapes, but then again, there may be something to it.


Speaking with NBC News, Gorka said:

“The people most clearly associated with the president’s victory, with what we call the ‘Make America Great Again Agenda,’ were slowly being isolated, were sometimes being fired or pushed out of policy roles,” Gorka told NBC News in an interview. “We decided that we could best support the president outside as private citizens.”

In other words, the alt-right marauders have been voted off the island and they’re miffed.

Gorka, who was shown the door by new White House chief of staff John Kelly a week after Steve Bannon was sent back to Breitbart, feels that those left in the president’s immediate circle are the wrong kinds of people, giving him bad guidance.

That’s not to say there isn’t still a MAGA element finding its way to Trump.

Reports are that Trump still calls Bannon and others to seek counsel. One example of former campaign staff still in the Trump orbit would be the Lilliputian punk, Corey Lewandowski.

Gorka claims to have seen Lewandowski visiting with the president often. Whether that happened before or after John Kelly put his foot down is hard to say, but I’d guess it was before, since Gorka, along with everybody else, was restricted from simply popping in on the president, once Kelly took over.


“You don’t have to pick up a government paycheck to be in discussion with the president or helping him. And one thing about the president, if you’re loyal to him, he’s loyal to you,” Gorka said.

Based on that belief, he also feels a time may come when he and Bannon are called back into the fold, and those who forced them out will see the day that they, themselves, are on the outside.

“I predict, a lot of the changes… almost all the changes in personnel, the significant changes, were not made by the president, they were made by people below him. I predict that soon, perhaps before Christmas, the president will be removing high-ranking individuals from inside his administration because he will realize who he’s surrounded with,” he said.

That’s a bold prediction. Time will tell if Gorka really has his finger on the pulse of the administration, or if this is just a lot of venting.


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