Senator Ben Sasse Issues Decisive Statement on North Korea

Let's Play Defense, Shall We?

And he is correct.

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse released a forceful statement on news that the rogue nation North Korea has successfully developed and tested a hydrogen bomb.


From Sasse’s website:

Fremont, NE – U.S. Senator Ben Sasse issued the following statement regarding reports that North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb, the dictatorship’s most powerful nuclear weapon yet.

“If North Korea has in fact successfully tested a nuclear warhead that can be loaded onto an intercontinental ballistic missile, Kim Jong-un is clearly threatening the American people. He must be confronted.

“The United States, our allies and partners, and those who are still enabling Pyongyang must confront and change Kim Jong-un’s calculus of terror. Diplomatically if we can. Militarily if we must.”


Kim Jong-un is not the kind of leader who can be trusted with that kind of power. His motives are corrupt and he has no concern for hurting others to get what he wants.

Unfortunately, that also means allowing his own people to die in war.

They may be forced to call him “Dear Leader,” but we can see by the way they’re forced to live that he’s not a leader, but a dictator, and he is rabid.

Keep in prayer over this situation. Pray for our leadership, that God give them wisdom. Pray for our allies to come together in this moment. And pray for peace.


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