Trump Ally Lashes Out At Trump's Meeting With Saudis

One of President Trump’s more disturbing associations is with Roger Stone, the former campaign adviser who was quickly shuttled off when his creepy, obscene nature made him a liability that even Trump couldn’t find value in.


No matter what, however, Stone has remained a steadfast supporter of Trump, and has insisted that the two of them remain in contact, with the president often reaching out to him to hear his unvarnished opinion.

Stone has watched the Trump train from afar, giving most of his commentary online (since most news networks won’t have him on).

Today, Stone is commenting on Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia, and he doesn’t seem pleased with what he’s seeing.

Are you kidding? They started buttering Trump up the moment he arrived. He’s not thinking about 9/11.

That was the King Abdulaziz al Saud Collar and is considered the highest civilian honor in Saudi Arabia. No word on if Jared Kushner set this up, however.

Expect to see Trump wearing that for the whole trip.


Trump is likely not reading Stone’s tweets right now.

The president’s Saudi Arabia visit culminated with a joint pledge to “counter violent extremism, disrupt the financing of terrorism and advance defense cooperation” between Saudi Arabia and U.S. The two nations also agreed to a defense deal worth nearly $110 billion.

It does seem kind of strange to make that kind of deal with a nation that produced those who perpetrated the World Trade Center attack, but on paper, at least, Saudi Arabia are “allies.”

Still, when you’ve lost Roger Stone…


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