Comey Expected To Testify Next Week

We knew it was coming, eventually, and now it seems to be arranged.

Texas Republican Rep. Will Hurd has suggested that for those keeping up with the various committee hearings into Russian interference in the 2016 election, former FBI Director James Comey could make an appearance sometime next week.


Hurd, a member of the House Oversight Committee said:

“I’m pretty confident he is,” he said Thursday on CNN. “And that hearing may be as soon as the 24th of May.”

I’ll be watching.

Hurd further went on to dispute Trump’s claims that bringing in special counsel (Robert Mueller) was damaging to the nation.

“The special counsel is a move that’s going to make sure that the American people can be satisfied with however this ends,” the House Oversight Committee member said.

“We’ve got to make sure that this is done the right way, that we don’t react, that we show restraint, that we get to all the facts so that we can be proud of what happens in this investigation.”

And he’s right.

Appointing special counsel and allowing for a nonpartisan investigation to go on, outside of the different committee investigations is a smart move.

I’ve watched enough of those committee meetings to know that it’s usually a collection of snipes and hits from the partisan factors and very rarely allows for anything other than the lawmakers on the panels to put their bias on display.


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