Sasse: We Have A Crisis Of Public Trust

He’s not wrong.

Senator Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) appeared on CBS’ “This Morning” on Monday and declared that there are some trust issues going on between the public and our government.


Said Sasse:

“I think we have a crisis of public trust right now and we need to restore that,” he said during an interview on CBS “This Morning.”

“The FBI’s a really special institution and the American people need to know they can believe in it.”

And the problem is not all on the shoulders of the FBI.

The position of FBI Director is a 10-year term, and is meant to be nonpartisan, separate from politics.

Currently, the Trump administration seems to be considering politicians for the role of FBI Director, which some have praised, but others are a bit apprehensive about, as they feel politicians cannot act as impartial investigators and arbiters of the law.

Sasse went on:

“I want to restore the rule of law but also the institutional conventions around that so there’s more trust,” he said.

Pointing to the low approval rating of Congress:

“And we act like that’s normal and sustainable. It’s not,” he said. “All of our institutions are in doubt.”


It was inevitable. Decades if in-fighting, and the last decade being particularly nasty, with politicians actively pushing members of their party to believe that fellow Americans who don’t agree with them are wicked, backwards, dangerous, or just really bad people has caused a breakdown is societal cooperation. At some point, those politicians had to know that they’d be swept up in this maelstrom they created.

We need to restore balance and trust in our system, but that needs to happen at the top, with politicians holding themselves to account, regardless of party, weeding out the corruption, and keeping a well-defined dividing line between politics and law enforcement.



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