DESPICABLE: Dying Venezuela Finds $500,000 To Donate To Trump's Inauguration Party

This is a good place to point out, once again, that the people of Venezuela are suffering.

The lack of food and medicine, brought about by harsh, socialist policies and corrupt government have ravaged a nation and set the streets ablaze with protest. Literally.



I want to emphasize the fact that they have a corrupt, incompetent government, and have, for some time. They care little for the suffering of their own people, and that leads to the kind of unrest we’re seeing now.

In the most recent bout of protests, seven people have died as a result.

A piece with The Resurgent yesterday discussed the confiscation of firearms from citizens in the nation in 2012, in the interest of “safety.” President Maduro is now planning to arm those loyal to him, in order to exert deadly force on those starving citizens who are protesting his regime.

And meanwhile, a new FEC report shows the Venezuelan government, while not having the funds to feed their people, do have the funds to donate to Donald Trump’s inauguration party.

They donated $500,000 to the cause.

The money was given to the Trump inauguration by Citgo Petroleum, a United States-based subsidiary of Venezuela’s state oil company, according to a report from the U.S. Federal Election Commission.

The donation came in December amid food and medicine shortages and a suffering economy in Venezuela.


Further, an NPR story reports that those who donated $500,000 or more were buying access to Vice President Pence, through a dinner with he and his wife.


Is there a sick stirring in your gut, yet?

There should be.

Another report describes a deal made in November between the Venezuelan government and Russia.

Apparently, last November the Venezuelan oil company mortgaged its interest in Citgo to borrow cash from Russia’s government-owned oil company Rosneft. It was a dangerous gamble.

If the South American country cannot repay the Russians, they will lose Citgo. This impacts approximately five percent of the U.S.’ gas refining, and would hit Americans right in their pockets.

And how much further would it damage an already dying nation, and the people who are fighting for the basic necessities?

What is happening in Venezuela right now is a travesty, and knowing the Maduro regime has taken such a treacherous view of protecting his own people should draw more world leaders to stand up and say, “Enough!”



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