WATCH: Saturday Night Live Cold Open Takes On Bannon-Kushner Feud (FINALLY!)

Yes, I will admit this is one of my favorite topics, these days.

The continuing palace intrigue, as rumors roil of the race to be Trump’s brain continues.

Chief strategist, Steve Bannon, and senior adviser, Jared Kushner continue to be the equivalent of the little angel and little devil sitting on either shoulder of Trump, whispering in his ear. We just can’t figure out which is which.

Many are speculating that the attention given to Bannon as “President Bannon” has pretty much sealed his fate, as Trump does not like to share his spotlight.

In fact, some stories have emerged that Trump is still deeply annoyed over a Time Magazine cover that featured Bannon back in February.

As for Kushner, he’s married to Trump’s favored child. His place is pretty much safe. Nepotism is wonderful job security, after all.

The alt-right base that made Trump are decidedly unhappy with what they see as Trump’s globalist turn, and they blame Kushner, who Trump has basically handed the reins over to.

Last night, Alec Baldwin returned to portray Trump on Saturday Night Live, with special guest Jimmy Fallon playing Jared Kushner.

The premise of the skit was to settle the feuding between Fallon’s Kushner and the grim reaper-Bannon, with a sequence somewhat like “The Bachelor,” except instead of a rose, the person who got to stay took over the Oval Office.

The other would be dragged back to Hell (the basement), with Kellyanne Conway.

I’m pretty sure this skit was meant to exacerbate the already tense alt-right emotional pool, right now.

If they saw it, I’m equally sure it did.

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