WATCH: Vladimir Putin Compares U.S. Strike On Syria To Invasion Of Iraq

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In a press conference today, Russian President Vladimir Putin compared the U.S. tomahawk strike on Syria’s Shayrat Air Base to the war in Iraq.

Russia was not happy with the strike and have condemned what they view as acts of aggression by the U.S., drawing their own “red lines” over further attacks by the U.S.


Russia and Iran are allies with Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, so last week’s strike was inconvenient, even though they were informed ahead of time of the strikes, in order to allow them to move their personnel out of the area.

Said Putin:

“We say that this resembles very much the situation of 2003 and the war in Iraq,” Putin said Tuesday during a press conference in Moscow.

“First of all, there was a campaign launched in Iraq and it finished with the destruction of the country, the growth of the terrorist threat and the emergence of [the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria] on the international arena.”

Unlike 2003, the administration have labeled the strike a “deterrent,” and there was very little damage, of note, although six to seven deaths were reported.

Some have taken to referring to the strike as “Operation Pothole.”

Putin also showed that President Trump isn’t the only world leader who can randomly toss out accusations with no evidence to back up his claims.

He accused the U.S. of planning fake gas attacks in Syria, for the purpose of justifying more aggressive moves into the nation.

“We have information that a similar provocation is being prepared … in other parts of Syria, including in the southern Damascus suburbs where they are planning to again plant some substance and accuse the Syrian authorities of using [chemical weapons],” he said alongside Italian President Sergio Mattarella during the latter’s visit to Moscow.

Putin added Russia possesses information that the U.S. planning to launch new missile strikes in Syria less than one week after the April 7 attack against Shayrat Air Base near the Syrian city of Homs.


So this is easily discounted or proven.

If it happens Friday, he was right. If it doesn’t, he’s as full of ca-ca as our hay-haired mountebank.

What is the equivalent of Gateway Pundit in Russia? Does anybody know?

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is expected in Moscow to discuss Syria, ISIS, and the 2016 election.

OH… to be a fly on the wall!

Of course, Putin has said he would not meet with Tillerson. He’s going through his moody teen girl phase.

Tillerson has made some pretty hardcore comments today, already.

Seriously. The guy says practically nothing from the time he’s put in as head of the State Department, then, when he opens his mouth, he has this whole Luca Brasi, from “The Godfather” vibe going on.

Tighten your garters, folks. We’re in for a diplomatic whirlwind.



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