Who Is Guiding Foreign Policy In Trump's White House?

Because an emotional, unelected, liberal Democrat should be directing all of our foreign policy. Nothing to see here.

A week ago, the U.S. blasted a Syrian airfield with 59 tomahawk missiles, and while little damage was done to the airfield (planes were flying out the next afternoon), international tensions were ramped to 11.


It’s not as if the regime of Bashar al-Assad had not pushed the bounds of decency. It’s not as if they didn’t deserve to face some sort of consequences for the inhumane actions that cost the lives of over 70 of their own people, many of them children.

However, any decisions to deliver those consequences should be left to those with experience and diplomatic credentials… not spoiled little rich girls, bored with the socialite life, who think wiggling their little finger and making Daddy dance is great fun.

National security adviser H. R. McMaster got a lot of credit for orchestrating the tomahawk strike on Shayrat Airbase last week, but he’s not the one President Trump’s son, Eric Trump, is crediting.

Eric Trump is pointing to his sister, Ivanka, and giving her credit for influencing their father to sign off on action against Assad.

Ivanka was put in an office in close proximity to the Oval office and given security clearance, but no salaried role. That particular arrangement keeps her from having to take the ethics oath, while still being in a position to drive policy.

Eric Trump further remarked:

“Ivanka is a mother of three kids and she has influence. I’m sure she said ‘listen, this is horrible stuff.’ My father will act in times like that,” President Trump’s 33-year-old son told The Daily Telegraph.


There has been some concern with some of the Trump base over just how much influence Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner have over Trump, as the nationalist bent many of his base expected from him seems to be giving way to a more globalist push.

“At some point America is the global leader and the world’s superpower has to come forward and act and they did with a lot of support of our allies and I think that’s a great thing,” he said.

Ivanka Trump took an official role in the White House last month.

I get her being a mom and being moved by the images of afflicted children, fighting for air, as their lungs burn from the gas attack.

I’m a mom. I saw the same images she saw and I was just as heartsick. However, I’m not a diplomat or a military adviser, and neither is she.

The whole world is a powder keg, right now. Our foreign policy shouldn’t be subject to the whims of Daddy’s girl.


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