BREAKING: SCOTUS Will Not Address Case Of Virginia Transgender Teen

FILE- In this Aug. 23, 2007, file photo, a sign marks the entrance to a gender-neutral restroom at the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vt. Nearly all of the nation's 20 largest cities, including New York City, have local or state nondiscrimination laws that allow transgender people to use whatever bathroom they identify with, though a debate has raged around the topic nationwide. Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, signed an executive order on Monday, March 7, 2016, that guarantees people access to single-sex facilities consistent with their gender identity at city facilities, including offices, pools and recreation centers, without the need to show identification or any other proof of gender. (AP Photo/Toby Talbot, File)

Without a social justice president in charge and Judge Neil Gorsuch in the wings, it seems the Supreme Court is unwilling to deal with the issue of little girls who think they’re boys, and little boys that want to get into the girls’ locker room.


Actually, with the Trump administration’s decision to end Obama’s overreaching directive to force 99% of the nation to make their children vulnerable in school bathrooms, by exposing them to alternative lifestyles, the courts would rather not get bogged down with this particular albatross.

Specifically, they won’t be taking on the case of the young girl in Virginia who wants to use the boys’ bathroom at school.

The justices said Monday they have opted not to decide whether federal anti-discrimination law gives high school senior Gavin Grimm the right to use the boys’ bathroom in his Virginia school.

The case had been scheduled for argument in late March. Instead, a lower court in Virginia will be tasked with evaluating the federal law known as title IX and the extent to which it applies to transgender students.

There is nothing in title IX that addresses gender dysphoria, a mental illness that manifests through people who are unhappy in their bodies and feel if they were the opposite sex, they would be happier.


Around 40 percent of those who identify as transgender attempt suicide.

Whether it is because they are bullied or because they just can’t get comfortable, that is more of an indication of their depression and mental state than proof that if they could just distort their bodies to fit how they “feel,” things would suddenly become better. Studies have proven they don’t.

Good on the Supreme Court. This is not an issue the higher courts need to touch.


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