Liberal Values: NC Gov Cooper Appoints Ex-Felon To ABC Commission

Allow me to point at North Carolina’s Republicans, once again, and remind them – Mecklenburg and New Hanover Counties, in particular, that we have this disgraceful, droopy, incompetent man, Roy Cooper, as governor now because of their pettiness.


If you voted against Pat McCrory because of something as minor to the overall well-being of the state as a toll road or a cut to movie industry incentives, then you’re as bad as a Democrat, at this point.

Yeah. I’m still upset. I doubt I’ll feel better until Cooper is gone, whether it be by conviction, impeachment, or he gets tossed out by the voters.

The latest news in the world of Droopy Cooper is his latest appointment.

Former Surf City Mayor Zander Guy has been appointed the new chairman of the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission.

Guy will begin his new life as the head of North Carolina’s alcoholics and rowdy college frat boys on Monday, making a salary of $113,456, according to the story from the Raleigh News & Observer.

That’s really specific, isn’t it?

Guy has served as mayor since 1999 in Surf City, which is the beach town at the center of Topsail Island in Pender County. He’d served as an ABC Commission member during Gov. Bev Perdue’s administration.

That would be dirty Bev Perdue, who believed in the depths of her twisted liberal heart that the best way to help a state steeped in debt was to raise the taxes to suffocating levels.

The same Bev Perdue who left the state in almost $3 billion debt.

Thank God for Pat McCrory and the North Carolina General Assembly (majority Republicans) who came along in 2013 and made the state prosperous again.


So what else does the News & Observer say about Guy?

Guy is also a real-estate agent and developer who served three months in prison in 1990 on a conviction for fraudulently billing clients of his insurance agency for nearly $16,000. He was serving a three-year sentence when then-Gov. Jim Martin commuted the sentence and later pardoned him.

Guy apologized for his crime, and that’s great.

I’m not sure how those clients who were bilked out of their hard-earned money feel to know he skated after only three months.

So we’re back to business as usual, in North Carolina.

Sure, Governor McCrory left us in really good shape, but we’d better do some heavy praying that the General Assembly can hang on to it.

Pat McCrory was the first Republican governor in the state in several decades. The two prior Democrat governors were corrupt to their core, and the new Democrat governor is no different.

Cooper’s own ethics are suspect and he is filling his cabinet with a host of dubious characters.

Way to go, Droopy.





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