Pathetic Misery Pimp To Sue For Right To Rehang Vile Anti-Police Painting

This is the pettiest of petty partisan politics.

It’s also vile, and speaks to the character of the man.

Missouri Representative Lacy Clay (D), desperate to have his distaste for law enforcement known, is bringing a federal lawsuit over the removal of a hateful painting in the Capitol complex.


Clay will argue that the painting’s removal, which followed outcry from House Republicans and police advocacy groups, violated his constituent’s First Amendment rights to free expression.

The painting by student David Pulphus showed a confrontation between black protesters and police officers with guns drawn, depicted as feral pigs.

Part of Clay’s district includes Ferguson, the city where a white police officer, Darren Wilson, was forced to shoot an unarmed black man, Michael Brown, after Brown was found to have violently attacked the much smaller Wilson, fled, but then turned back and ignored an injured Wilson’s commands to stop advancing.

Yeah. That’s what actually happened, and it was backed up by witness accounts and a coroner’s report.

The false narrative of “Hands up, don’t shoot” began in the wake of the incident, when some felt it sounded better to pretend that Wilson shot Brown in the back, while his hands were up in surrender.

Black Lives Matter became prominent at that time, along with burning down communities and looting.

Pulphus’s painting had been put on display after it won a prize in an annual high school student art competition between House offices. It was hung in the Capitol complex last June, but conservative media outlets took notice in December.

That led several House Republicans to unilaterally remove the painting from its place in a tunnel connecting the Capitol and nearby House office buildings — Clay put it back in place three times in one day.


The Architect of the Capitol, arbiter of rules regarding things like what paintings are displayed openly in the Capitol was consulted and determined that the painting violated the rules prohibiting works of a “sensationalistic” nature, or that feature contemporary political issues.

The stated rules.

Democrats, however, are gonna Democrat.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi attempted to appeal the decision to the House Office Building Commission, but was unsuccessful.

Clay announced after the painting was removed that he would hang it in his Capitol office instead.

He’ll be joined by pro bono legal counsel when he files the lawsuit at a courthouse in Washington, D.C., Tuesday morning.

Absolute and total scumbaggery.

The only purpose for fighting this hard is to keep his constituency feeling like victims in this nation.


Rep. Clay is of a particularly noxious breed of misery pimps that owes everything he has to promoting division and racial hatred.

I promise you it has nothing to do with his love of the Constitution.




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