Chris Christie Gives Up On Being Called To Join The Trump Administration

I guess the shine really is off the penny.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie put his dignity on the line for Donald Trump, after exiting the 2016 presidential race. With the whisper of a potential slot as vice president, or at least, attorney general, Christie endured fat jokes at rallies, fetched lunch from McDonald’s, and was the servile toady Trump required.


And then every prime slot went to someone else.

At this point, it seems reality has set in for Christie, and he has resigned himself to his fate.

He did not receive a rose.

“I have absolutely no intention, nor any understanding, that I will be asked to be in the administration in the years to come,” Christie said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“My view is, I have got a job to do as governor, and then my intention is to go off to the private sector and to help support my family.”

There has been speculation that Christie’s purging from the Trump inner circle was largely due to the influence of Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law.

Back in 20014, Christie, as a U.S. Attorney for New Jersey, prosecuted a case against Kushner’s father, Charles Kushner. In federal court, the elder Kushner pleaded guilty to 18 felonies, including evading taxes and illegal campaign contributions.

Something like that might cause some harsh feelings in a son’s mind, and Jared Kushner absolutely has Trump’s ear.


Still, Christie insists that things are fine between he and Trump. They’ve been friends for 15 years, and still call each other.

He declined to say if they’d spoken, recently.

“Mary Pat and I still consider him to be a very good friend of ours,” he added.

“We have for the last 15 years, both he and the first lady. And that friendship, I’m confident, will continue during the time that he’s president and when he leaves the presidency.”

That’s a brave face, Governor.

Maybe he’ll call.


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