DRAMA: Republican Lawmakers In NC Score A Win In Ongoing Court Battles With New Governor

I haven’t given you an update lately in the ongoing saga that is North Carolina politics.

Mainly, because I’d rather deal with the idiocy that got us a Trump than the idiocy that got North Carolina a Cooper.


When we last left off, the North Carolina legislature had failed to reach a repeal deal of the state bathroom law that has been of such contention.

Oh, a repeal deal could have happened before the 2016 election, but Roy Cooper and Democrat lawmakers saw a way to manipulate the situation for a win on election day and convinced the Charlotte City Council to reject any possible moves for a repeal from then-Governor Pat McCrory and the Republican-led General Assembly.

While the state lost McCrory and another big government, tax-and-spend Democrat took the Governor’s seat in Raleigh, Republicans maintained control of the State House and Senate.

Republican lawmakers quickly passed several bills, designed to keep Cooper and his Democrat cabal from ruining all the positive strides McCrory and the General Assembly had achieved.

*Just as an aside, the surplus for the state of North Carolina going into 2017, thanks to the four previous years under Republican governorship, is now estimated at $550 million. Thank you, Governor Pat McCrory.*

One of the bills passed would require any Cooper Cabinet appointment to be subject to confirmation by the General Assembly.

This is all perfectly legal and acceptable, per the state’s Constitution. Our state was never meant to be a one-man show. The bulk of power was always meant to be in the hands of our representatives.


Of course, Droopy Cooper, lost and fumbling in his new role as governor, sued. Liberals swooned.

On Wednesday, three North Carolina Superior Court judges put a temporary halt to the law, causing Cooper to rush out and once again call for a repeal of the bathroom law, higher teacher pay (something McCrory already accomplished), and better jobs for the state (hilarious, since Democrat governorships in NC have caused jobs to flee, but four years of a Republican governor drew jobs and income to the state like bees to honey).

Republican lawmakers immediately took their case to a higher court.

On Thursday, it paid off.

A North Carolina appeals court temporarily reinstated the law, as they decide whether to take up the Republican lawmakers’ request to overturn the lower court’s decision.

From WSOCTV.com:

The measure merges the state ethics and elections boards into one and gives legislative leaders half of the board appointments going forward. Previously the governor made the elections board appointments with a majority coming from his party.

Late Thursday, Cooper’s attorneys asked the state Supreme Court to continue blocking the law.

And so it goes in the Old North State.

I’m seriously more upset over losing Pat McCrory than I am over anything that happened on the federal level. Mainly because it was selfish Republican revenge-voters that got us into this drama.


The hope is that the state Supreme Court side with the legislatures and with the state Constitution on this one.

Roy Cooper and his liberal puppetmasters need to be made as inconsequential to the governing of North Carolina, as possible.

Were Democrats capable of successfully leading this state, Pat McCrory wouldn’t have entered office in 2013 with almost $3 billion in federal debt hanging over the state’s head. He and the Republican majority in the General Assembly managed to cancel that debt, draw in jobs, make the state business competitive, and build up a comfortable surplus in less than four years.

Cooper couldn’t do his job as state attorney general right for years. Taking on more responsibility as governor isn’t going to suddenly make him competent, so it’s ludicrous to think he can improve on what McCrory has set up.

The best course of action for our lawmakers is to sit on him for the next four years, blocking anything he puts his hand to, until we can have another election and hopefully purge him from office.




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