Trump Declares Any Negative Polling To Be "Fake News"

There’s no doubt that the majority of polls days before the election were wrong, at least, in predicting the outcome.

Several things to consider, however, would be that Hillary Clinton did win the popular vote, and unlike our election system, polling doesn’t run on the Electoral College. Where were the pollsters doing their polling?


If the majority of calls were along the west coast or in the northeastern section of the nation, then the results could very well be skewed.

The other thing to consider is that Trump very much acted like somebody who wanted to lose. His behavior throughout the primary and into the election season was reckless and ignorant. Nobody who acted like that or had that many scandals piled up against them would have won, during any other election year, but this, apparently, was a year that that kind of behavior is just what the public wanted, and he’s what we got.

Now, with all that said, Trump has topped himself in absurdity, again, and announced on Twitter today that any negative polling is “fake news.”

I. Can’t. Even.

No, not all polling is “fake news,” and polling serves a valuable purpose in measuring the pulse of the public.

Can pollsters screw up their own data?

Absolutely, but if you don’t like the results of a poll, you don’t just write them off.

Apparently, Trump’s latest tweet was inspired by recent polling about his travel ban.

A CNN/ORC poll released Sunday found that most Americans oppose an executive order signed by Trump that instated travel restrictions.


Again, maybe pollsters should start including where they did their polling when they release the polls to the media. If they’re not gathering from across the nation, they should start, just to avoid setting off our new president.

Trump’s next tweet was in response to – who knows?

I’m guessing that’s his response to Saturday Night Live’s cold open, which showed the Grim Reaper (Steve Bannon) feeding thoughts into Trump’s (Alec Baldwin) head.

So this is the new normal for us, it seems.

I’d laugh, but we’ve got to live in this mess and I think it will have long reaching effects. Everything Trump is doing now is setting up the Republicans for the next several elections. When Trump makes the party look like the totalitarian, anti-free media, anti-Constitution party, it will take a lot to convince the public that they are not all clones of Trump.



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