Planned Meeting Between Trump And Mexican Pres Nieto May Be Canceled Over Wall Dispute

President Trump and Mexico’s President Nieto were set to meet on January 31, but that may not be happening, now.

The contentious issue of payment for the Great Wall of Trump has, once again, reared its head and this is shaping up to be a game of political chicken.

Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday, directing federal agencies to use federal funds to begin construction on the wall, with the promise that Mexico would pay for it “later.”

Nieto has other plans.

In the wake of the executive order, reports surfaced that Peña Nieto may scrap his planned Jan. 31 meeting with the president.

The Associated Press confirmed with a Mexican official that Peña Nieto is “considering” canceling the meeting.

The wall was the main selling point of a Trump presidency, while on the campaign trail. Only after his election did he begin to “adjust” his tone, saying American funds would pay to begin the wall, but that Mexico would pay later.

Given the loggerheads that the two presidents find themselves at, Trump took to Twitter today to comment (because of course he did).

Trump said in a Wednesday interview on ABC that construction on the wall would begin in months, and that U.S. funds are necessary to begin the project.

Peña Nieto on Wednesday reaffirmed that Mexico would not pay for a border wall.

“Far from uniting us, it divides us,” Peña Nieto said in a recorded video message. “Mexico does not believe in walls.”

I think that’s kind of the point, Sir. The dividing thing.

Trump knows he has to make good on this one thing, but if he can’t make Mexico pay for the wall, how does that hurt his credibility?


Mexican President Nieto has canceled the meeting, due to the dispute over the wall.