Israeli PM Netanyahu Responds to the Obama Administration's UN Betrayal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is understandably upset with this week’s vile, anti-Israel resolution.

The resolution calls for a halt to settlements on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem.


That part is nothing new. The world has been siding with terrorists and attempting to force Israel from their God-given lands for decades.

The UN has proven a useful organization for the cover and abetting of terrorist regimes around the world.

What is new is the United States’ total abandonment of our strongest ally in the Middle East.

Going against years of U.S. policy towards Israel, the Obama administration chose to abstain from the vote on the resolution, allowing it to pass.

The option to veto was an arrow in their quiver, and could have stopped the resolution from passing. However, President Obama has maintained only the most threadbare façade of diplomacy, when it comes to Israel, and with his departure from the White House swiftly approaching, he apparently no longer feels the need to keep up appearances.

Don’t be surprised by any last minute pardons of cop killers, terrorists, and other assorted dangers to our nation.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office released a statement on the vote, plainly stating they will not abide by the resolution.

The statement also took a swipe at the despicable double cross from the Obama administration.



The belief that the U.S. colluded to betray Israel was expressed by an unnamed Israeli official:

“The US administration secretly cooked up with the Palestinians an extreme anti-Israeli resolution behind Israel’s back which would be a tailwind for terror and boycotts and effectively make the Western Wall occupied Palestinian territory,” the official said. (The draft resolution refers to East Jerusalem as “occupied Palestinian territory.)

Palestinian and Egyptian officials met earlier in the month with State Department officials in Washington, Channel 2 noted Friday evening, and it was in those talks, Israel believes, that plans were coordinated to push through the anti-settlements resolution. Hence the official’s reference to the US administration having “cooked up” the resolution.

“This is an abandonment of Israel which breaks decades of US policy of protecting Israel at the UN and undermines the prospects of working with the next administration of advancing peace,” the official added.


The Obama administration, Democrats, and anyone approving of this feckless action would do well to remember that the Bible says that anyone who touches Israel is touching the apple of God’s eye.

Israel has been God’s land and those are God’s chosen people, from the very beginning.

Genesis 12:3 AMP – “And I will bless (do good for, benefit) those who bless you,
And I will curse [that is, subject to My wrath and judgment] the one who curses (despises, dishonors, has contempt for) you. And in you all the families (nations) of the earth will be blessed.”

The U.S. has long been a friend to Israel, and we have been a blessed nation in many ways. I shudder when I think of what this might have invited on our shores.


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