Breitbart News in Revolt Over Trump's Labor Secretary Pick

I’m not sure if this is a strategy to somehow get off of the “fake news” list, or if they’re genuinely perturbed with their liege.

Good luck to them, but a recent poll shows Breitbart “News” is viewed as only slightly more reliable than the Onion.


Now, however, it seems the remaining powers-that-be of Breitbart are less than enthused over Trump’s recent Labor Secretary pick, Andy Puzder.

The site, which has become the leading platform for the right-wing populist movement that helped propel Trump to an electoral win, ran a story on Thursday with a headline that claims Puzder “prefers foreign labor to American workers.”

The article notes Puzder’s advocacy for immigration reform, citing a number of op-ed’s and speeches he’s made praising immigrant workers for their willingness to fill difficult jobs.

The site also attacked Puzder for telling GOP donors last year that “our values indicate we should be the party of immigration reform.”

“By ‘immigration reform’ Puzder was referring to a widely-used progressive euphemism that means amnesty and flooding the labor market with foreign workers,” reads the Breitbart article.

This isn’t the first time Breitbart has been miffed with President-elect Trump since the election. He let them down with his announcement that he wouldn’t be “locking her up,” in reference to Hillary Clinton.


They consider this latest news to be a betrayal of his core campaign issues: immigration, deportation, and trade.

Let’s not forget he has also reached into the swamp he has sworn to drain and brought in more than a few premiere swamp creatures to staff his administration.

I’ll refrain from saying “I told you so,” for now. I suspect Trump will do more to disappoint his base as the weeks progress. I think one, big schadenfreude party will be in order and I don’t want to miss anything.


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