More Electoral Mutiny: Colorado Electors Suing for Right to Vote for Someone Else

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of this level of unrest with the electors. Last week, RedState featured the story of a Texas elector who chose to step down, rather than violate his conscience and vote for Donald Trump.


This week, it’s Colorado that is the scene for elector drama.

Four of Colorado’s nine Electoral College electors plan to challenge a state law that would prevent a long-shot bid to keep President-elect Donald Trump out of the White House.

Robert Nemanich, of Colorado Springs, said Saturday he and three other electors intend to sue Colorado’s governor, attorney general, secretary of state and state Democratic Party chairman claiming state law requiring electors to vote for the presidential and vice presidential candidates “who received the highest number of votes at the preceding general election in this state,” is unconstitutional.

So Colorado was one of the states that went to Hillary. The goal here, however, is not to give Hillary the win, but to block Trump, join with other Democrat electors, as well as Republicans unhappy with Trump (like the gentleman from Texas), and try to find a Republican candidate more agreeable to them all.

“There are Republicans and Democrats now willing to look for a solution to Donald Trump (being elected).” he said. “The linchpin comes down to whether there are enough Republicans to join.”

Eight of Colorado’s nine electors have voiced support for the lawsuit, which Nemanich said would be filed Monday.

The plan would require that 270 electors agree to vote for a presidential candidate that was not on the ballot.

Long. Shot.

The Colorado electors – Nemanich, along with former Democratic state Rep. Polly Baca, Michael Baca, and Jerad Sutton – join with four electors from Washington, and are going by the nickname of “the Hamilton Electors.” Founding father, Alexander Hamilton, in the Federalist Papers, urged that the Electoral College was meant to serve as a safeguard against electing unqualified reality TV hacks.


Ok. That last part was me, but Hamilton did say the EC was meant to stop unqualified people from gaining the presidency.

“Donald Trump is unfit, immoral and unethical to be the president of the United States,” Nemanich said, later adding that voiding his presidency is about “what’s best for the country.”

Nemanich went on to say that either Mitt Romney or John McCain would be acceptable, as both had already been vetted during their presidential runs.

One more unconventional part of the plan, which Nemanich admits would cause unrest, would be to elect a Democrat vice president. It’s something that hasn’t been done in over 200 years, and it’s very unlikely to happen now.

“Unrest” is putting it mildly.

The chasm between the two major parties has never been wider, so trying to mix the two on a single ticket, in this day and age would probably cause more chaos than we need to risk.

Nice try, though, guys.


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