MSNBC Host Suggests Trump's Circle Are Trying to Intimidate Him

He’s making a really good point, actually.

On Sunday, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host, Joe Scarborough, took to Twitter to express his disgust over what is currently playing out in not-so-private with Trump’s potential pick for the Secretary of State position.

There is heavy speculation that Mitt Romney is Trump’s choice to fill that spot. His loyalists, however, would rather he choose someone who has never spoken against him.

Romney went hard at Trump during a televised speech in March, as he attempted to warn people against voting for the man he called a “phony” and a “fraud.”

They didn’t listen to us, either, Mitt.

Still, the rumor mill is spinning, and Romney’s name keeps coming to the top.

That, apparently, isn’t sitting well with some in Trump’s camp, as his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway and others have taken their complaints very public.

Conway insists that Trump’s base will go apoplectic if he chooses somebody like Romney, who not only failed to pledge fealty to their liege, but is also seen as the “establishment.”

On Sunday, Scarborough tweeted out his astonishment over the developing feud within Team Trump.

And he is absolutely on-point with that last line. If they have a problem with Trump’s picks for any cabinet position, the professional move would be to keep the discussion on the table, in private.

This doesn’t happen in administrations with strong, knowledgeable leaders. It’s as if they know he’s a puppet and has no real control. They feel emboldened because this is a man who is likely feeling the gravity of the consequences of the game he has played.

He didn’t expect to win, either, so the vultures and Yes-men he’s surrounded himself with see an opportunity to rule by proxy.

Scarborough’s final tweet on the matter was most sobering.

Indeed. They are watching.

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