Trump's First Act as Incoming President: Stealing Credit

Let’s make sure we’ve got everything that will be going on for the next four years straight.

Vice President Mike Pence will do all of the heavy lifting. President Trump will do all of the tweeting and patting himself on the back.


Yessir. Working hard at claiming credit, that is.

According to a report from CNBC, however, the orange baboon is as much a fraud now as he was the day he announced his intentions to ruin our nation, by running for the presidency.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence is mainly handling the negotiations to keep a Carrier air conditioning plant in Indianapolis, according to CNBC, though President-elect Donald Trump boasted on Twitter that he was working hard, “even on Thanksgiving”, to ensure the plant does not move.

“While President-elect Trump is tweeting, the actual negotiations I’m being told are really being handled more by Vice President-elect Pence,” a CNBC reporter said. “You would imagine that would be the case, given he was the governor of Indiana where this factory is based.”

Trump has made a lot of noise before the election, and after, in regards to what the consequences would be for companies that attempted to leave the United States.

He can’t actually make a company stay. We don’t have forced labor in the United States, anymore. It’s not really conducive to a profitable environment.


His threats against the Carrier facility, which announced earlier this year that they would be moving to Monterrey, Mexico by 2019 included the threat of high tariffs for any air conditioning or heating unit shipped in from Mexico.

That was a campaign promise that economists have assured would cause a trade war, eventually crippling the American economy.

Screw all that, though. MAGA!

I guess there are several ways to look at this.

One: We’ve got an ineffective, morally bankrupt fraud as president.

Two: He’s just there for show and his reasonably sound, although somewhat vanilla VP will be doing the majority of the governing.

It’s a glass half empty/half full scenario.


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