VP Pick Pence Hedges on Trump's Willingness to Accept Election Outcome

Who actually believes this electoral nightmare will end when the polls close and all the votes are counted?

Not with the two jokers competing for the top spot still involved and not locked up, somewhere.


Trump has repeatedly stated that he feels the election is “rigged” against him, and his fan base have repeated those claims.

Trump’s VP pick, Mike Pence, has attempted to quiet any concerns about post-election turmoil.

On “Fox News Sunday,” the Indiana Republican dismissed Trump’s previous suggestions that he might not accept the election results if Democrat Hillary Clinton is the victor.

“The campaign’s made it very clear — a clear outcome, obviously both sides will accept,” Pence told Fox News’ Chris Wallace.

That’s great, but we’re still talking about Trump. What, in his estimation, constitutes “a clear outcome”?

He is a candidate who has only been predictable in his petulance.

Pence said Sunday that the Trump campaign — as well as Clinton’s — would still reserve the right to protest a disputed contest.

“I think both campaigns have also been very clear that in the event of disputed results, they reserve all legal rights and remedies,” Pence said.

In other words, unless it’s an absolute blowout, with Hillary winning by 20 points or more, Trump will not go away. He intends to hold the nation hostage.

We shouldn’t expect this to be a season that we just walk away from and regroup.

We’ve allowed this particular poison into the well, and there will be no quick fix.



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