ABANDON SHIP! Trump Loses Another Key Campaign Player

Another day, another rat abandoning this torpedoed ship?

I’ve worked in companies with high turnover rates, before. Usually, it’s for one of two reasons: either the work is too strenuous, or its is too difficult to work with management.


With roughly two weeks until election day, Donald Trump has seen another key player step back from his campaign.

Jim Murphy, national political director for the Trump campaign, has decided to take a little time off, according to multiple sources.

“I have not resigned but for personal reasons have had to take a step back from the campaign,” Murphy said in a statement to POLITICO. He did not elaborate on the reasons for his departure.

Several Trump aides said that Murphy has been conspicuously absent in recent days as the campaign mobilizes for the final push.

Since joining the Trump campaign in June, Murphy, a longtime party operative, has played a key role in setting up field programs in battleground states. He has emerged as a central point person between top Trump campaign officials and the Republican National Committee. Murphy also helped to oversee floor operations at the Republican National Convention in July.

The facts are, Trump has not put together a genuine, cohesive ground game in some very key states in this race.

He has been outmaneuvered by Clinton’s more professional team, from day one.

Note to Branch Trumpidians: This is the difference between “professional politicians” and “outsiders.”


Those professional politicians know how to run campaigns and win elections. Those outsiders, especially if they are determined to push back against their advisors and every sound piece of policy advice, don’t tend to do very well, except with the fringe groups that adore them.

There’s a reason Trump is having trouble keeping help. Just yesterday, it was reported that even former Fox News president, Roger Ailes was stepping back.

It’s the latest departure in a campaign rife with turnover. Manafort resigned from the campaign in August, just two months after succeeding Trump’s first campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who was fired. Other campaign hands, including longtime party strategist Ed Brookover, have also left.

This is in addition to the various state campaign directors and operatives who have either bailed or been let go.

It’s almost like they can sense the inevitable.


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