Trump Campaign Has a Bizarre Defense Strategy

The Trump campaign, still suffering blowback from a 2005 hot mic moment, where Trump boasted of his privilege… aka… he can grab the p*****s of women, simply because he’s a “star,” just won’t learn.


Today saw the New York Times break that there are women stepping forward to say that, yes, what he boasted of doing, wasn’t just “locker room talk,” as he and his defenders have said, but he actually did it to them.

Trump’s strategy?

Go after an ex-president, who isn’t running.

Trump’s new campaign CEO, Stephen Bannon, is proudly leading this losing charge to the bottom.

There will be defenders, who will see this as an awesome strategy.

“At least he’s not as bad as Bill Clinton!”

Except that yes. Yes, he is as bad as Bill Clinton. Possibly worse.

Hillary Clinton, as wretched as she is, has had a lot longer to learn now to put on a stone face when her husband’s infidelities are broached. She’s built a career out of it.

Those still supporting Trump after this, or making excuses for what he is, as they ever-more lamely cry, “But… SCOTUS” are guilty of the most extreme form of hypocrisy and willful blindness imaginable.

Trump is not a moral man, and he never wanted to win.

You ALL own this.


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