How Out of Touch With Real People is Hillary Clinton?

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to find that talk show host, Steve Harvey, is in the tank for Hillary Clinton.

In an effort to seem “hip” and relatable, Clinton went on Harvey’s daytime show for a sit down interview back in February. A week later, he endorsed her.


As it turns out, Harvey’s show supplied Clinton with all the questions she would be asked a week ahead of her appearance.

“Steve is known to be a host who goes out of his way to make his guests feel comfortable,” two of Clinton’s aides wrote Clinton one week before the taping. “We coordinated closely with the show’s producers on the script and format of the show.”

The memo was sent by campaign spokeswoman Karen Finney — formerly an MSNBC host — and communications staffer Betsaida Alcantara.

The memo was attached to an email posted on the website

It was a doozy of an interview, too.

Clinton was hit with really tough questions about her granddaughter, and her favorite pizza.

She was also shown pictures from different periods in her life and asked to comment on them.


As the pictures flashed across the screen during the interview, she feigned surprise, kind of like that bizarre face she made when the balloons began to fall at the conclusion of the DNC convention.

Nobody is shocked to hear what an absolute fraud Hillary Clinton is.

My question would be, how far out of touch with real people is she that even on a fluff piece show like Steve Harvey’s, she need a week to prepare, in order to make her responses to questions about grandchildren and pizza seem human?



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