A Desperately Deluded Trump: I Won

Donald Trump is a deeply troubled, deluded individual.


Actually, nothing about this is surprising. He went an entire primary, through every debate against more polished, solid, completely on point candidates, with them besting him in every conceivable manner – to those who care more about principle and actually having a competent representative in the White House, that is – and online polls would show that he won every debate.

That most online polls, like the ridiculous Drudge, are easily flooded, giving a false impression of how the debates went, means nothing, apparently.

Trump’s reaction is typical Trump: Devoid of all manner of humility or self-awareness.

Losing a CNN poll for any Republican isn’t a shock. Their audience tends to lean decidedly left. Those polled very likely went in intent on calling Hillary the winner, regardless of how the night went.

According to The Hill, CNN’s viewers felt Clinton bested Trump on the issues and form by a margin of 62% to 27%.

I can only assume the other 11% were for Sweet Meteor of Death.

Trump earlier touted his wins in online polls from The Hill, CNBC, Variety and NJ.com, as well as the conservative-leaning Breitbart and Drudge Report.

Yes. That would be the aforementioned “online” polls.

Flooding. Remember?

Looking at the Breitbart/Gravis poll however, we see something different.

Pat Caddell, the Democratic pollster and Fox News Insider, told Breitbart News that poll respondents said Clinton performed better at the debate; 48 percent said Clinton did a better job, compared to 43 percent, who said Trump did the better job.


That would be a loss, Donald, and coming from your own campaign CEO’s site.


Smaller focus-group surveys conducted by CNN and CBS News found Clinton as a clear winner of the debate. In a focus group of undecided Pennsylvania voters organized by CBS News, only five said that Trump was victorious, as opposed to 16 who said the same about Clinton. Similarly, a focus group of undecided Floridians surveyed by CNN found that 18 out of 20 likely voters saw Clinton as the winner.

If the past year has taught us nothing, it’s that Trump and his cabal are living in an alternate universe, where their perception is skewed by their loyalty to the orange clown god.

Only an epiphany on November 9, 2016 will finally wake them up to the fact that they were wrong.

They were wrong about everything, and this nation will suffer for it.





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