LISTEN: Independent Candidate McMullin Highlights Ugly Racism of Trump Supporters in New Ad

Because these are the people who are drawn to Trump.

Evan McMullin’s presidential campaign has taken a racist tirade recently left in a staffer’s voicemail inbox and turned it into a political ad highlighting the dangers of “Donald Trump’s America.”

Rina Shah, after appearing on Fox News last Friday, received the offensive voice mail on her personal cell phone.

I’ll clean up some of the offensive text.

“You frothing, libtard piece of sh*t Islamic dog,” the caller, identified only as “Alan,” is heard saying in the ad, while a transcript of his rant runs along the bottom of the screen. “Vote for the pathological lying criminal you f**king piece of sh*t … and get out of our country … while you’re at it, got back and get f**ked by your dirtbag Islamic terror scum friends. Sl*t.”

The campaign’s ad concludes with a warning: “Alan is a preview of Donald Trump’s America. We can do better.”

Just a point of interest: Shah is neither a Muslim, or a foreigner. She was born in West Virginia. She is of Indian-American descent.

“I could send you, I’m not kidding, hundreds of email I’ve received,” she said. “You know, ‘You’re a Muslim,’ ‘You’re a C-*-N-T’ — I get a lot of, ‘Go back to your country.’”

To West Virginia, you mean?

Shah went on to express her concerns of the atmosphere that would emerge from a nation led by a man who so openly and brazenly scapegoats “other” as the cause of all the nation’s ills.

Buzzfeed News actually found the guy responsible for the call.

Reached by phone Tuesday evening, the man featured in the ad told BuzzFeed News his full name was Alan Pryce. He seemed at first not to remember leaving the voicemail on Shah’s phone, but after hearing a transcript of the message read aloud, he said, “Oh yeah, a few days ago? I stand by every word of it.”

Informed that Shah was born in in the U.S., Pryce replied, “Really? Well, she’s absolutely a first-gen whatever. Look, I didn’t do a biography on her.”

“Clearly, she’s an anti-American supporter of a pathological lying criminal,” Pryce continued. “Anyone who supports [Hillary Clinton], either actively or tacitly, is anti-American scum in my mind.”

Get that?

She is actively working as the spokeswoman for Independent candidate Evan McMullin, therefore, she supports Hillary Clinton.

A lot of us who have made the choice to oppose Trump and the cancerous atmosphere he creates are being met with the same, nonsensical illogic: You either support Trump, or you are supporting Clinton.

Trump has spent the last year alienating conservatives. Alan is a very good example of exactly why conservatives, Christians, and just decent people, in general, shouldn’t wilt when presented with a choice between Trump or Clinton. There is no good choice there.

Though he was strongly critical of McMullin, whom he called “the definition of the word ‘cuck,’” Pryce didn’t mind being featured in his campaign’s ad. “Honestly, he said, “I think it’s hysterical.”

Keep laughing, dolt.

The McMullin ad, which will feature audio of the call, will air in select markets online.

Here Alan is, in all his vile glory, if you can stomach it. Make him famous:

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