The Most Accurate Analysis of Trump - EVER!

Well, this is new and different.

There have been many who have tried to analyze Donald Trump’s behavior through this election season, ranging from seasoned politicos to psychologists.


This marks the first public analysis by a renowned primatologist.

And somehow, it seems so fitting.

Donald Trump’s debates the way chimpanzees try to dominate rivals, according to remarks from the world’s most famous expert on chimpanzees.

“In many ways the performances of Donald Trump remind me of male chimpanzees and their dominance rituals,”Jane Goodall, the world-famous primatologist and anthropologist, told the Atlantic’s James Fallows for a piece posted Saturday.

Male chimpanzees try to impress rivals with aggressive behavior, Goodall said, such as stamping and throwing rocks. “The more vigorous and imaginative the display,” the more likely it is that the chimp will rise atop the hierarchy and remain.

Believe me when I say I tried so hard to resist this story.

I’m a weak woman.

Goodall went on to compare Trump to a particular chimp named “Mike.”


His name calling of other candidates, excessive bragging about his wealth and other attributes (imagined or actual), rather than relying on reasoned debate fits the profile of lesser evolved primates.

This is where I would normally make a reference to screeching and poo-flinging.

I might even suggest the moniker “Trumpanzees” to describe Trump’s unhinged fan base.

I could do all of that, but that would be too easy, so I won’t do that.

You can’t make me.

While still struggling, I really feel like I reached a level of personal growth here, and you all were a part of it.

Golf claps all around.



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