Imagine: ABC to Air New Drama That Explores a World Where U.S. Leadership is Obliterated

Are you angry enough to want to blow up Washington and start over?

That anger is how we got Donald Trump as the GOP nominee, but on the bright side, it also gets us another Keifer Sutherland show.


The creator of “Designated Survivor,” David Guggenheim, said the show in some ways reflects the anger people have toward the government.

“At a time when the American people are so fed up, there is some wish fulfillment to the thought of ‘one of us’ in the White House, using common-sense solutions as well as the idea of getting to start over from scratch,” he told TV Guide.

Yeah, we’re not getting that common-sense solutions thing from Trump (or Clinton, for that matter), but we can at least enjoy the fantasy of it on a TV show.

The show stars Kiefer Sutherland as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Tom Kirkman, who becomes president (aka the “designated survivor”) after the sitting president, vice president and every Cabinet member are killed in an explosion during a State of the Union address.


Interesting (though horrifying) concept, and given the level of terrorist attacks we’ve seen in recent history, it’s not an entirely far-fetched idea.

There will be no Jack Bauer, “24” styled fisticuffs and acrobatics. Said Sutherland:

“Maybe this is the time in my life to be making an intelligent or passionate argument, as opposed to fighting three guys at once,” he said.

For folks that tend to enjoy political thrillers, you can begin catching this new ABC drama on September 21, at 10pm.


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