Trump Still Prefers Foreign Workers to Americans

They keep talking about what a great businessman he is, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be great for American workers.

On Friday, the Department of Labor posted a petition from the Trump International Beach Resort, in Sunny Isles Beach near Miami, Florida, to import temporary workers. The resort, which licenses Trump’s name but is owned by the International Resorts Management Group, asked for permission to bring in 20 waiters and waitresses, claiming no Americans wanted the jobs. The positions pay $10.36 an hour plus tips.

In addition to this latest request, companies owned by Trump or bearing his name have already sought permission from the Department of Labor to hire at least 227 foreign guest workers since he launched his presidential campaign.


Trump insists that Americans don’t want these jobs, yet, jobs agencies in Florida have a database with Americans who are looking for the very jobs that Trump continues to outsource to foreign workers… aka… immigrants.

Tom Veenstra, a senior director at CareerSource Palm Beach County, a workforce development agency, says that Trump properties do not take advantage of this service for placing American workers in the jobs he has available.

H-2 visas allow employers to bring people from other countries into the US as“guest workers” to fill temporary positions. One of the strictest rules of the H-2 program is that American workers be given preference in hiring. Companies seeking these visas are also required by law to show that they already tried, but failed, to find Americans for the job.

Trump companies appear to have followed recruitment rules when seeking guest workers, posting those positions in the state online job board and placing ads, as required, with local newspapers such as the Palm Beach Post.


But still, he chooses to apply for foreign workers, when it gets down to the actual hiring process.

Trump supporters like to talk about all the jobs he’s created, but if he continues to outsource them to foreign workers, what good does that do for Americans?


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