Trump Fanboy, Sean Hannity Suddenly Decides to Make Nice With Marco Rubio

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr Creative Commons

OH, how sweet! Trump’s special boy with Fox News is weighing in on Marco Rubio’s convincing primary win.

Nearly six months after erupting on Florida Sen. Marco Rubio for going after his attacks on Donald Trump, Fox News host Sean Hannity indicated Tuesday night that any bad blood from the bruising Republican primary has largely abated.

“Marco Rubio won tonight and I was very glad to see that. I think we need him back in the Senate,” Hannity said during a panel on his show after the first-term senator easily won his Senate primary, remarking that while there are “still some conservatives angry over comprehensive immigration reform,” Rubio already “paid a very heavy political price in this 2016 [presidential] primary on that issue and he said he made a mistake.”

Rubio “apologized numerous times on this show,” Hannity said. “I think it’s time for people to move on, we need him in the Senate.”


Hannity’s views on Rubio’s “Gang of 8” involvement may be evolving, as well, considering his cultish allegiance to Trump, who has, in recent days, become the unofficial 9th member, with his newly minted views on immigration.

Former governor of Arkansas, and fellow Trump apologist, Mike Huckabee, also weighed in.

“He’s sharp. He’s articulate. The fact that he, in his first term in the Senate, really tried to do something,” Huckabee said. “You may not agree with what he did, but he went there because he was used to governing and seeing things done. And we absolutely ought to respect the fact that he apologized. He said, look, it wasn’t the best thing to do. Let’s not waste an extraordinary talent like Marco Rubio.”

Hannity added, “I think Marco is still a rising star. I did think he made a mistake because he even said it wasn’t the bill he wanted.”

Yes. These are all things Rubio supporters, and Rubio himself tried to stress during the primaries, only to be beaten down by Hannity, Huckabee, and the entire, psychotic lot of Trump cultists. This sudden move of recognition of Rubio’s efforts comes about five months too late.

Rubio is, in fact, a rising star and probably one of the more appealing candidates out of the field of 17 that the GOP started the season with, but Hannity and an increasingly rabid Trump base created conditions where no sane choice was viable. Because of that, we are left with the one candidate out of that 17 who can’t beat Hillary Clinton.


When Trump loses, I want to see Sean Hannity and all of Fox News personally apologize to each and every one of the other candidates that they actively sought to depose in favor of Trump.

Then they should apologize to America.


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