Dr. Ben Carson Wants Trump to Back Off of the "Bigot" Remarks

Trump surrogate, Dr. Ben Carson, may be at least stirring in his sleep, if not fully awake.

Dr. Carson recently spoke up about the name-calling and accusations of bigotry flying between Trump’s camp and that of Democrat challenger, Hillary Clinton.


“I don’t generally get into the name-calling thing,” the former presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon told The Daily Beast on Friday. “I kind of left that behind in the third grade. I certainly don’t encourage it because the issues that we’re facing are incredibly important—for us and for the future generations.”

Rather shocking statement from somebody who has thrown his support behind a man whose entire candidacy is based on calling others names (including comparing Dr. Carson to a pedophile).

“That’s what people do who don’t have anything to talk about,” Carson said, referring to both candidates trading accusations of racism and bigotry.

On this point, Dr. Carson is absolutely right, compounded by the fact that neither Trump nor Clinton have anything to say about themselves that should be considered positive.

They’re also both pretty bigoted.


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