Independent Candidate McMullin Suggests Trump is a "Fragile" Candidate

Conservative Independent and recent addition to the race for the White House, Evan McMullin, is taking a hard swing at GOP nominee Trump.

Specifically, he’s painting a picture of an increasingly fragile candidate, buckled by the weight of his own rhetoric.


“I’m hearing from people inside his campaign that there are times now when he hides in his apartment and doesn’t meet with any people,” McMullin told Business Insider.

“When he campaigns he goes out to a place he has to fly back home to New York. This is a fragile man and a fragile campaign and I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen in the days and weeks ahead of him. I’m not sure the [Republican National Committee] can continue to support him given his weakness as a man and as a politician and as a candidate for the presidency.”

So far, it seems the RNC are fully invested in the madness and would rather ride it straight into oblivion than take a chance on getting a new candidate, at this time.

There’s a strong chance that they could choose anyone, practically anyone, even at this late stage of the game, and walk away with a winner in November, but as the days grow shorter, so do the chances of salvaging the race.


If Trump is truly hiding out, as McMullin suggests, then he knows this is a losing race for him, as well, but as he said, if he loses, he goes back to a pretty swanky life.

“He’s taken some desperate measures with firing his campaign manager and hiring another one, wild swings in his policy positioning. I mean, he’s desperate,” he said.

Unfortunately, he’s not desperate enough to quit – yet.

Maybe we have some idea of what that October surprise will be.


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