Has Trump Suffered Brain Damage?

I have no problem with this.

Kathleen Parker, a conservative writer for the Washington Post, thinks Donald Trump may be brain damaged.

Parker suffered an injury to her brain after falling down a flight of stairs and she seems to recognize certain symptoms in Trump.

“The brain is a mysterious place,” she wrote. “Trump’s seems especially so — unless he is simply displaying signs not of brain injury, necessarily, but of atrophy associated with aging. If so, then this would help explain his impulsiveness, his inappropriate language, his quick temper and a ‘mean’ streak.”

Parker’s column comes after Charles Krauthammer, also a conservative writer and a licensed psychiatrist, wrote last week that he found Trump to be “unusual” and that he displays behavior “beyond narcissism.”

Trump’s erratic behavior has caught the attention of quite a few concerned onlookers.

Karen Bass, a Democrat congresswoman from California recently began a petition with Change.org, seeking to have Trump undergo a mental evaluation.

I don’t have a problem with that, either.

The presidency is a high stress job and the decisions made from the Oval Office can expand across the globe. I’m actually more concerned with a candidate’s mental and emotional state than I am with their physical health.

When a candidate has shown to be unstable and impulsive to the degree Trump has shown, it should worry people.

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