Vetting the Constitution Party Candidates

Have I been successful in convincing the masses… aka… RedState readers that I’m firmly opposed to Donald Trump and a party that would accept such a man as their candidate?

If not, please refer to some of my previous works. You can maybe start here.

At this point, I am a political nomad, drifting, with no firm connection to any party, although I have had several candidates who have piqued my interests.

The Republican party is still home for many political figures in whom I have great admiration. It is also headed up by some people who make me ashamed to be linked to the same species (I’m looking at you, Weasel-boy Priebus).

It’s time to seriously start vetting the third party candidates. I’m not one of those Chicken Littles that insists we have no choice but to choose one of the “Big two.”

I used to be.

I’ve even made jokes, in regards to third party candidates holding their meetings at 2am in the back corner booth at the local Waffle House.

I am freely admitting to my previous wrongheaded-ness, in regards to third parties. Forgive me. I want to make amends.

I want to make amends because the time is now. I firmly believe that sitting around complaining about how both the GOP and the Democrats have screwed We the People is pointless. If you want to deliver a message, you do it with your activism and you do it with your votes.

I’m also a firm believer in vetting the candidates, hearing what they have to say, and seriously considering how their platform compares to your principles.

With that in mind, I just wanted to give a heads up to any who are looking for an ideological home that no longer exists within the Republican party.

The conservative Constitution Party ticket is headed up by Constitutional lawyers, Darrell Castle, out of Tennessee, and Scott Bradley, from Utah.

This week presents two opportunities to listen to and interact with the ticket online. Let’s face it: the mainstream media aren’t going to give you those opportunities. They’re too deeply invested in the drama of the Big two. With the possible exception of Gary Johnson this year, social media and that word of mouth is really the main engine of publicity for third party candidates, at this time.

For those that might be interested, Scott Bradley, the Constitution Party veep candidate will be featured on a webinar titled, “Of Money and Liberty” Tuesday night, from 9pm to 10pm EDT. They ask that you follow the provided link and register, if you’re interested in participating.

On Thursday, August 4th, Darrell Castle, the party’s presidential pick, will be featured on a podcast live, at 6pm to 8pm CDT.

Is this the perfect method of getting the message out?


As I said, however, it has to start somewhere, and grassroots tend to start small. I’ll be checking out both of these events, because we must begin to repair what has been damaged at this nation’s core, before it is too late. Repairing that damage requires vetting.

First step.


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