Ann Coulter Hits a New Level of Loathsome With an Attack on Ted Cruz

Ann Coulter is making idiotic, unhinged remarks a capstone of her career. She may likely flameout in spectacular fashion if her new daddy, Trump, doesn’t win in November.

On an interview with CNBC this morning, Coulter added to her impressive resume of saying dumb crap by going after Senator Ted Cruz.

I used to enjoy Coulter’s work, but she jumped the shark with me a long time ago, backing moderate losers and raging like a menopausal harridan in the throes of a particularly dreadful hot flash.

Her latest, as quoted in the Washington Examiner:

“Rubio comes out and, tepid as it may be, he does endorse Donald Trump,” Coulter said. “It’s Cruz who is a little bitch who can’t get over it.”

Coulter said Cruz likely “committed [career] suicide” when he told conservatives to vote their conscience instead of outright endorsing the GOP nominee.

What Coulter ignores is that nobody should be given absolute loyalty. If your leader can’t withstand scrutiny or must be buffered with a phalanx of “Yes men,” then there is something suspect about your leader.

Coulter wasn’t done being the most loathsome talking head since Chris Matthews went full TMI to describe his tingling leg.

“I’m beginning to understand why Ted Cruz has been hated by everyone every place he’s ever been, from kindergarten to the United States Senate,” she said.

Sometimes it is better to be “not liked,” but to stand on principle than it is to be popular and corrupt.

It seems Coulter was denied a few basic lessons in honor in her upbringing.

Rubio, she explained, is basically the standard bearer for the so-called “establishment,” which is “very much against having borders in our country.” But she said Cruz should have been more forgiving to Trump.

No, he really shouldn’t have. He was more than gracious. He showed up.

Coulter and the rest of the Trump sycophant cabal have abandoned all reason and rationality, long ago. Statements like she has made make it very hard to forgive her, and when the house of cards that is Trump’s candidacy tumbles, good conservatives will not forget.