House Speaker Paul Ryan on Trump's Twitter Shenanigans: You Need to Clean This Up

House Speaker Paul Ryan is still trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

In a radio interview with Charlie Sykes, a leading “Never Trump” advocate, Ryan expressed frustration with the “flunky” who had put out an attack ad against Hillary Clinton, which featured the image of what appeared to be a Star of David.


Ryan, who has endorsed Trump, told Sykes, who is part of the “Never Trump” contingent, that he didn’t remark on the tweet when it was originally sent on Saturday because if he “had to stop everything and comment on a ridiculous tweet sent out by this campaign, I’d have no time for anything else.

That is the sad reality of what has been forced on the Republican party. Ryan is expected to help craft an image of the GOP nominee as competent, or at least not as big of a foul-up as Hillary Clinton, but by his own words, if he had to stop and apologize for every Trump screw up, his day would be full.

“Yeah, I really believe he’s got to clean up the way his new media works,” Ryan said. “The point is, I think he’s got to clean this up. My understanding is that this was done by staff, not by he himself. But more importantly, they’ve got to clean this thing up.”

Sometimes there really aren’t words to adequately describe the nightmare you’re dealing with. Paul Ryan knows this. He’s probably dreading the day he took over as House Speaker, now.

I don’t blame him.


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