Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay Suggests Ethics Charges For Defiant Democrat "Pout In" Participants

Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay has a few choice words for the Democrats who staged a ranting, low brow, 25-hour “pout in” on the Senate floor earlier this week.

“I’m heartbroken. The destruction of dignity, decorum of the people’s House,” he said. “That House doesn’t belong to those members. It belongs to the people of the United States, and for them to desecrate it like they just did is beyond me.”

“You cannot allow things like this to happen without some consequences,” he said. “I think what I’d do is file ethics charges against every member that did this.”


House rules dictate that no mobile devices may be used to video activities on the floor, in order to preserve decorum. The C-Span cameras are controlled by the majority party and turned off at the close of business for the day. Democrats, whether in politics or civilian life, tend to see rules as something for other people.

Anybody keeping up with what happened during and after events now know that it was discovered to be a fundraising scheme, as Democrats exploited the deaths of 49 Americans to push a far left agenda and enrich their campaign coffers.

Kudos to House Speaker Paul Ryan for taking the high road, as he tried to bring order to the berserker, street-level chaos the Democrats displayed, and for exposing their scam, afterwards.

Here’s hoping those ethics charges are being drafted, as we speak. An example needs to be made of defiant, disrespectful representatives, who would so blatantly assault the people’s House. Their conduct was low and ignorant, even for Democrats.

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