Tech Firm Offers to Pay Trump's Ransom for Sanders Debate, as Internet Trolls #ChickenTrump

It’s probably a safe bet to look at this all as a prophetic glimpse into the future of what a President Trump’s foreign policy would consist of:

He calls out some dangerous dictator. They call his bluff. He retreats. We’re screwed.


At least at this level, it’s still manageable and no one gets hurt.

Calling his bluff is exactly what has happened. When the gilded toad opened his big yap and said he would debate Senator Bernie Sanders for $10 million for charity, I doubt he thought anybody would come up with the money. After all, who charges for debates?

Sanders was all for the debate. This could only help him.

That Trump suggested Planned Parenthood should get the proceeds from the pay-per-view debate probably won’t sway the minds of the loyal Trumpanzee tribe, either.

Trump didn’t tarry in backing out. This was another of his “suggestions,” much like his Supreme Court picks and every other lie policy plan he’s laid out.

Some aren’t just letting this idea go. It was offered. It was accepted, and there are people with the money willing to pay to make it so.


Tech industry investment firm Traction and Scale (T&S) wants to host the Sanders / Trump debate, and is willing to donate Donald Trump’s ransom of $10 million to charity in return. T&S CEO Richie Hecker told BuzzFeed News that he aims to host the debate in California on Monday, June 6, one day before California voters cast their ballots in the state’s primary, which is seen as Bernie Sanders’ last stand to remain competitive with Hillary Clinton.

Boxing promoter, Bob Arum, has also offered to pledge $20 million to charity, in order to promote the event.


In doing his backwards dance away from the subject, Trump has insisted that it would be counter-productive and improper for the nominee of one party to debate the likely loser of the other party.

Then why bring it up in the first place, Donnie?

The internet, being the wonderful, magical place it is, immediately responded with mockery. The hashtag #ChickenTrump began to trend.

Since Trump plans to conduct policy through the filter of Twitter, he no doubt is aware of the hashtag campaign to get his butt to cash the check his mouth wrote.

Does anybody else get the feeling that if he’ll back out of earning millions to debate the guy losing the Democrat nomination, when it comes time to debate the actual winner, it’s going to be near-impossible to get him to the podium?

Who loses in that scenario?

The American people. Again.


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