SAD: Poll Shows Neither Party Happy With Their Nominee

Drawing by evlio via Flickr Creative Commons

As despicable and damaging as Barack Obama has been, before he took office in January 2009, at the very least, he enjoyed a favorability rating around 70%. The confidence of the polled public in his ability to be a good president was at about 65%.

Sure, it didn’t take long for the nation to realize what a disaster had been inflicted on us, but it would seem that rather than doubling down on an inexperienced celebrity presidency, the public would have learned.

Or maybe it was just the GOP’s turn to highlight their own brand of irresponsible voting?

Whatever the case, this election season has devolved into a situation where Democrats and Republicans alike can agree on one thing: Both sides are pretty dissatisfied with the candidate they’re getting saddled with.

From the Washington Examiner:

An NBC News/Survey Monkey tracking poll released Tuesday said 58 percent of voters either dislike or hate Clinton. Clinton’s “dislike” portion is 37 percent, while 21 percent “hate her.”

Trump’s numbers are slightly worse but in the same range. The survey said 39 percent dislike him, and 24 percent hate him, for a total of 63 percent of voters who don’t care for him.

On the other hand, their favorability ratings were at around 40% for Clinton and 36% for Trump.

The head-to-head matchup continues to show Clinton with a lead over Trump at 47% to 43%, which is a 1-point drop for Clinton and a 2-point drop for Trump from last week, so rather than riding any wave of excitement and getting more favorable as their prospective conventions near, the presumptive nominees are getting less favorable.

So much for party unity.

The poll also found that about a third of both Clinton and Trump supporters said the most important reason they support their candidate is opposition to the other candidate. Thirty-three percent said they support Clinton because they oppose Trump, and 36 percent of Trump supporters said they are opposing Clinton.

And this is where we are, as a nation.

Sad. So very sad.